10 Cheap School Lunch Ideas Under $1/Serving

10 Cheap School Lunch Ideas Under $1/Serving
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10 Cheap School Lunch Ideas Under $1/Serving.!!😉😉😉

Packing my kids’ lunches this morning was a giant pain. It was one of those days where it seemed like we were out of everything.

I managed to put together a decent lunch, with the help of my hubby. But there’s no denying we are overdue on grocery shopping.

Luckily, I’ve put in the work coming up with cheap school lunch ideas already to make grocery shopping easy. Before the beginning of this school year, I created a two-week school lunch menu. It includes foods I know my kids like and will eat.

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Budget-friendly 2-week school lunch menu

I wanted to share my secret sauce with the world, so here it is: 10 budget-friendly school lunch ideas.

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