11 Fun Ways to Decorate for Christmas on a Tight Budget

11 Fun Ways to Decorate for Christmas on a Tight Budget
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11 Fun Ways to Decorate for Christmas on a Tight Budget.!!😎😎😎

When you're on a tight budget, decorating your home for Christmas is challenging. With a little creativity and ingenuity, you can find inexpensive ways to decorate your home and stretch your holiday dollars.

Simple Ways to Decorate Cheaply

Use these ideas to make your home festive without costing a fortune.

Family Christmas Photo Display

Since Christmas is all about sharing precious family memories, mat black and white copies of snapshots from past years on red and green patterned Christmas paper and place them in inexpensive silver frames for a personalized display.

Decorate With Ornaments

Use ornaments you have on hand or buy a few boxes at your local dollar or thrift store.

  • Fill bowls or vases with Christmas balls or hang them from a chandelier for instant holiday charm.
  • Hang ornaments from tinsel wrapped around your stair railings.

Christmas Card Decorations

Holiday cards add vibrancy and whimsy to your home. Place them across a mantle or attach them to an inexpensive piece of red ribbon hung on a wall, door, or kitchen cabinets.

Alternatively, keep your favorite Christmas cards, cut the front images out, and place them together in an attractive frame to create a beautiful Christmas collage. Add a Christmas quote and small embellishments such as buttons, ribbon bows, or silk flowers for a one-of-a-kind piece of holiday artwork.

Make Christmas Crafts With Kids

Children love Christmas, so helping to make decorations is guaranteed to be a fun activity.

  • Make paper snowflakes or beaded snowflakes to put in windows.
  • Complete free printable coloring pages and hang on doors and in rooms.
  • Use clothespin angels to decorate the tree. Trace around angel cookie cutters on scrapbook paper, glue to clothespins, and clip to rope or ribbon. Add embellishments, like hearts or stars, as desired.

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