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23 Ways to Lower Your Electric Bill While Still Keeping Cool

System - Sunday, July 25, 2021

23 Ways to Lower Your Electric Bill While Still Keeping Cool.!!😃😀😃

Coronavirus shutdowns have countless Americans spending more time at home than ever these days, and as the summer heat sets in, that means keeping air conditioners running for hours on end in a bid to stay cool. Unfortunately, battling the heat often comes at a staggeringly high cost; according to the US Energy Information Administration, air conditioning typically accounts for 12 percent of home energy costs—or about $265 on average. In certain parts of the country, those costs are significantly higher—people pay an average of $565 on air conditioning in hot and humid parts of the southeast. And with economic uncertainties mounting in the wake of the pandemic, many people are left wondering how they can save money on air conditioning costs. Luckily, you don't need to suffer through a sweltering summer to save big. Here's how to lower your electric bill and still keep cool this summer. And if you want to beat the heat, check out these 17 Genius Ways to Keep Your Bedroom Cooler.

1Invest in a set of blackout blinds or curtains.

One of the easiest ways to save money on your air conditioning costs? Simply swap out your current curtains for some blackout window coverings.

"By using high-quality blackout blinds, the heat won't reach the inside of your home and it will be much cooler," says Brandi Andrews, founder and CEO of National Air Warehouse. While this will make your rooms darker, "Your AC won't have to work so tirelessly to keep the room cool," Andrews explains.

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