How to Host Thanksgiving for 10 on a $100 Budget

How to Host Thanksgiving for 10 on a $100 Budget
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How to Host Thanksgiving for 10 on a $100 Budget!!😉😉

Is it possible to throw a full Thanksgiving dinner for a big crowd when you’re on a tight budget? Absolutely! In fact, we believe that the traditional Thanksgiving meal is one of the easiest ways to share a generous, bountiful meal while also watching your pennies. 

Here’s how to host Thanksgiving for 10 without breaking your budget, but without compromising on generosity and deliciousness all around the table. 

Why a $100 Thanksgiving Budget?

When you’re on a budget (and who among us isn’t?) it’s easy to throw Thanksgiving for just a few people. Buy a turkey breast and some potatoes and call it a day.

What’s more challenging is throwing a full-on feast for our nearest and dearest with a laden table and all the trimmings. The costs for this bountiful meal can mount up quickly.

But, you say, what about potluck? Indeed, in my opinion, Thanksgiving is the ultimate potluck meal, and if you’re hosting and coordinating, it’s likely that you’re making just one or two dishes and spreading the table, with others contributing everything from green beans to pumpkin pie.

However, this is not always the situation. Perhaps you’re hosting Friendsgiving for a group of friends whose idea of a stellar potluck contribution is a six-pack of IPA. Or you have family visiting from far away, without the ability to bring food.

None of us like to feel limited by our budget or our circumstances, and this menu and plan are designed to put tools in your hands for doing more with less.

And why $100? That may be a lot of money to you! But as a budget for 10 people it’s quite good, and it will even extend — as you’ll see below — to a fun drink and decor for the table.

The point isn’t necessarily to recreate this wholesale, but we hope that it gives you ideas for keeping your Thanksgiving simple and healthy in every way — for you, for your budget, for your family. Thanksgiving shouldn’t leave you reeling.

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