How to Refresh Your Bathroom on Any Budget

How to Refresh Your Bathroom on Any Budget
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How to Refresh Your Bathroom on Any Budget.!!😎👏👏👏

When you’re ready to do more than just upgrade the towel situation, but you aren’t quite ready for a full bathroom renovation, consider planning a bathroom refresh. By not tampering with the layout (or adding square feet), you can bring costs way down while making some pretty major changes. Whether your budget is $100 or $10,000, use this guide to help figure out what to prioritize and what to put on the back burner, and give your bathroom an update that works with your space and your budget. 

If your budget is about $400: Get a new shower head, and then upgrade your bath linens and swap out the vanity light. Fresh linens (and a shower curtain, if using) and lighting will make the space feel cleaner, brighter and more stylish. To avoid installation issues, select vanity lights that mount to the wall in the same way as the old lights.

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