How to Refresh Your Bedroom on Any Budget

How to Refresh Your Bedroom on Any Budget.!!😎😎😎

You can improve your sleeping quarters for a better night’s rest, whether you have $100 or $10,000 to spend.

We want the bedroom to be a calm, peaceful space where we can deeply rest. But if the reality isn’t quite matching up to that wish, it could be time for a bedroom refresh. Stopping a step short of a full remodel (we’re not talking about moving walls or increasing square footage here), a refresh still has a lot to offer, whether your budget is $100 or $10,000. Use these ideas as a jumping-off point, and customize your own plan to fit your style and budget.

If your budget is about $100: Clear the clutter and spring for a fresh pair of sheets. Simply getting rid of the random junk that accumulates in the bedroom can go a long way toward making the space feel new. After decluttering, give the space a deep cleaning, including washing the windows and vacuuming under the bed. Once your room is spic-and-span, treat yourself to a new set of sheets — percale for those who love a crisp feel, flannel for coziness or sateen for a super-smooth fee.

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