Organize the Living Room in 30 Minutes

Organize the Living Room in 30 Minutes.!!

Keeping a living room organized is a challenge because the living room (or family room) has so many functions. You’re supposed to use the same space to relax, entertain, play, eat, and possibly exercise, all while keeping it tidy?

Given how many things they’re used for, it’s no wonder living rooms often end up full of clutter. Walking into any living room and you may see piles of mail, unread magazines, toys scattered about, and exercise equipment.

Remove Foreign Items

Grab a basket or bin and walk around the room. Pick up anything that doesn’t belong in your living room and is contributing to an obvious state of messiness and put it in the basket. Return items that belong in another room to their correct spots, then return living room items to their proper storage spaces. Pillows that have landed on the floor can go back on the couch; boots can go back by the front door or in the closet, and so on. Also, take this time to throw out those dying flowers in the vase on the mantel, or any other trash you find.

Create a Home for Lost Objects

If you come across something that belongs in the living room but has no proper place, create a spot for it. So, if there are several remote controls scattered about the room, pick a convenient spot to gather them every time: either the coffee table or TV stand, it doesn’t matter exactly where, as long as the location works for you. What matters is that from now on the remotes will have a consistent home.

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