The 15 Best Sources for Outfitting Your Small Space

The 15 Best Sources for Outfitting Your Small Space
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The 15 Best Sources for Outfitting Your Small Space.!!👍👍👍

Furnishing a shoebox of an apartment or a tiny home can be quite the challenge, especially if custom goods are beyond your budget. But it’s possible to be strategic about how you source items, from where you shop for pieces in the first place to browsing sections like the “back to college” department, for example, where you might otherwise never have thought to look. And, of course, double-duty items, smart storage pieces, and clever repurposing are your small space best friends.

No matter your style or budget, there’s a small space store out there for you. Add these 15 designer-approved sources to your bookmark list and happy shopping!


It’s always good to have a shopping plan when it comes to IKEA, since this Swedish megastore is constantly introducing new products and has lots of inventory. So what do pro designers recommend? “Their open-back shelving is super flexible and can go in a ton of different type of rooms—playrooms, libraries, bedrooms,” says designer Jennifer Jean Morris of JMorris Design. “I added some interior shelves to an entry, and it became a great shoe depot, and with some bins, I can grab gloves or sunscreens for on-the-go.”

In fact, IKEA’s KALLAX series is also often used by designer Janet Lorusso, principal and owner of JRL Interiors. “This is my favorite piece for small spaces because IKEA also sells a variety of bins that fit the cubbies, as well as drawers and doors, so you can configure it to be covered or open storage specifically for whatever you need,” says Lorusso. “It can function as a cabinet, a drawer, a display, or a bookshelf and comes in a variety of configurations that can be used vertically or horizontally.”

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